Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dear Chucky (aka Santa)

Dear Chucky, this year you can find everything I want or need on Etsy.  I made it easy for you, this here is my Christmas List.

1. How perfect is this garland! Cut-outs of real vintage snow globes ... it needs to be on the wall above the desk in my Etsy room.  From RawBoneStudio

2. My favorite animal as far back as I can remember is the Hippopotamus.  I've been dreaming of a ukelele to take along on trips when my guitars & banjo are just too bulky.  From NearsightedOwl

3. I love umbrellas & I love this retro turquoise blue & I love handled trays.  All that love in one place, it could just overwhelm me.  From 77Street

4. To hang on the wall next to that sweet little cuckoo clock.  From UncommonShop

5. The perfect handbag. Lime green, glitter, snappy clasp, diamonds, & aqua.  From RetroRedone

6. My late 80s Smith & Corona model isn't even jealous when I speak of replacing it with this sexy beast. Look at those keys!  From BrooklynRetro

7. To pin on the lapels of my numerous cardigans & blazers.  From VintageUnderTheSun

8. To hang on the wall next to that darling German papercut.  From TrussellandDodd

9. Because my lime green set can't be worn with everything ... plus, pepperminty swirls!  From theriveriseverywhere

10. Tom's gravelly rasp is my favorite of all sounds; this would become my new favorite piece of jewelry & I would forsake all other necklaces.  From FableAndFury

11. Wouldn't it look lovely on my button shelf? I thought so too.  From EarthSeaWarrior

12. What girl doesn't need a vintage Movie Monsters lunchbox? Really, m'love, just look at it, it's perfect!  From PastPoisons

13. Little Red & I go way back.  From peacenluv72

14. This would surely have those 4 tiles that are missing from our vintage Deluxe edition (from when I was a kid) that my parents gave to us last year. I would be so happy to have them all & that little bag is swell too.  From SydVintage

15. Oi, too much cuteness. I can't even look at them without squealing & they would really go well with my vintage Matryoshka collection while making sure my craft books stop falling over.  From TwoStrayCats

16. For my sewing projects ... all that felt just waiting for my little hands to sew & stuff it!  From BenzieBazaar

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sale in the Etsy Shop

Now through Monday at midnight everything in the Etsy shop is 20% Off!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chasing the Mean Reds : Treasury

I've been stocking up on soft peppermint candies & slowly converting my mind from the warm colors of autumn to the cooler tones of the holidays. I have so much to do & making treasuries is a time consuming task indeed.

Not to mention, I feel sort of guilty compiling lists of things I cannot justify purchasing on our limited budget ... I just hope my lists bring some potential customers to the shops I pick items from.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nothing That I Wouldn't Do

Three years ago today, Chucky & I were sharing our first dance as man & wife to a cover of my favorite Bob Dylan tune by an offbeat ginger chanteuse named Adele. This song will always mean the world to me, Happy Anniversary m'love ... I still like you a little. 

Together we will felafel our dentistry.