Friday, March 30, 2012

Seed Catalogs & Sunday Tea : Treasury

Remembering long weekends with Grammaw Lou.
Up on the mountain,
Sipping homemade herbal tea,
Wandering through the woods,
Chasing Bardoes & Whomperstompers through the fog on our midnight walks,
Searching out Witches Butter & Boletus,
Brown salamanders with red bellies & slow smiles,
Marvin Gaye & Julio Iglesias albums,
Playing Scrabble,
Dreaming our way through seed catalogs,
Planning our summer garden.

That was truly "Home"

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thrifted Finds # 10 : Vintage Linen Madness

My weekend of scavenging can only be described as Teh Awesome.  So many things I love crammed into such a short period of time, totally makes up for getting up at 5 am in the super freeze-cold to go to an "Estate Sale" that turned out to be anything but.  Two tables in a tiny garage split between four different sellers does not an estate sale make.

There were better rummage sales & yard sales & our weekly flea to enjoy & you can bet I made the most of those.
  • Three darling Holly Hobbie glasses from 1972.  I love that each one is a different color.
  • Two little chipmunk figurines with super sass, their expressions make me smile.
  • A little bronzed deer California souvenir.
  • An amazing gray ceramic owl.
  • Antique kitten cross stitch ... the fabric is yellowed with age, I love that it is all done in black thread.  I've been bringing home tons of kitten stuff lately.
  • Two little ceramic squirrel figurines.  Not a set, but both very sweet.
  • An entire set of Child-Craft books from the 1950s.  I love these books, I have a few singles, but this was an entire set in near mint condition & got them for .25 apiece.  There are 15 of them in the set.

The cover art is one of my favorite things about them, each one is different.  If I could convince myself to cut them up, the covers would look amazing framed & hung in my sewing room, but I don't think that will happen even if they were only a quarter.  Destroying books that are still perfectly good for reading makes me cringe a little.
Two Joan Walsh Anglund twin sheet sets, made by Utica in 1973 & in brand new condition.  I have quite a few of her darling children's books in my collection & love flipping through the illustrations.  It would not be surprising if I eventually end up with a tattoo (or two or three) inspired by them.  The combination of olive green & goldenrod is so reminiscent of my childhood.  These sheets are bound for my Etsy Shop, though if I had a guest room with two twin beds they'd be staying put.
It was certainly my week for linens.  This Smokey the Bear flat sheet from the 1970s is my favorite of the sheets I found.  It is all done in dreamy colors with every forest friend imaginable,  plus mushrooms & trees & bushes & some of the little animals are holding up forest fire awareness safety tips on signs that say, "Be careful with every fire" & "Break all your matches" & "Drown every campfire".

I found Transformers, Rainbow Brite & Charlie Brown sheets from the 1980s & 1970s also.  They'll end up in the shop later this week.

 Then there's this AMAZING Empire Strikes Back bedspread.  Possibly the best picnic blanket I've ever seen.  It's worn & you can tell it was very well loved.  I got it from the yard sale of this lovely lady who had lost her son last year.  It was his when he was a boy.  His name, Matthew, is stenciled on the front.
There are a few other great things I found that I will post about later on in the week.  A 1940s baby quilt with embroidered cats all over it that makes me swoon.  I've got to figure out a way to photograph the whole thing, it's just so very sweet.  There's also a large paint by number of a girl & her kitten.  It's all about cats right now, we're on the list at our local humane society & at the pet shop next to my husband's tattoo shop for an orange male kitten (need a kitten to grow up with our three LARGE dogs).  It's been almost a year since my MuShu died & I miss having a lazy bones lap cat.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Etsy Shop Spring Cleaning Sale


Too, too much inventory & it's time to clear some out so everything in the shop is 40% off for a short time.  Spring cleaning also means unearthing things you forgot you had & my goodness did I forget quite a lot!

If there's anything you've been eyeballing in the shop, now's the time to grab it.

What a lazy Sunday, listening to Cat Stevens & the Avett Brothers, cleaning like a madwoman ... staring longingly at my banjo case & wishing I was sitting in the sun practicing my rolls instead.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Thrifted Finds # 8 : Floral Commode

We attended an estate sale way out in the middle of nowhere this past weekend, apparently everyone else gave up because we were the ONLY people there the entire 45 minutes we stayed.  That's a first for me.  It was great to be able to look around & not feel hurried or pushed as I'm a slow grazer when it comes to these things.  I like to take my time & inspect each item.  I picked up some lovely stuff, too.

Like this flowery toilet planter!  Flowery.  Toilet. Planter.  As if I could leave that behind.  It was covered in dusty, greasy shmutz, but I took a chance (for a dime, I'm quite the risk taker) & after a decent soak it came nice & clean.  I'm guessing this little beauty will eventually be filled with geraniums & white trailer park rocks & set next to the front door.

Some old Avon perfume bottles, my customers just LOVE these things.  I only buy the ones I have sold out of or styles that seem a little awesome.  I'm thinking I'll paint the unicorn's horn white & cover it with some vintage iridescent glitter & that bluebird's head needs a coat of paint as well.

The inside of the unicorn was covered in dried out, stuck on dots of ancient cologne.  I tried baking soda & vinegar, goof off, bottle brushes ... what finally worked was boiling water & a good swirl.

That platter they are sitting on is large & lovely.  It's by Paul McCobb, the Sparkler pattern for Contempri.  So springy.  I haven't yet decided if it's a keeper, probably not as I really don't need any more platters.  Ever.

My very favorite find for the week is this little elf book from 1950, The Little Kittens' Nursery Rhymes.  It is filled with these charming photographs of very awkward looking kittens & puppies wearing clothing & posed just so.  Most reenacting the stories from the rhymes.

It is in very poor shape & looks like the animals within tried to eat their way out, but I just love a battered children's book ... I cannot leave them behind to be tossed.  The lady looked at me like I was a complete nutter & told me I could take it.  I disassembled the darling thing & now I have a stack of perfectly frame-able vintage art.

Their little eyes just kill  me.  I remember well, dressing my sister's kitten up in doll clothes & riding her around in my plastic, floral bike basket when I was a youngster.  I'm sure I'll share more when I get them framed & hung.  There are so many & each one is just so precious.

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