Friday, March 30, 2012

Seed Catalogs & Sunday Tea : Treasury

Remembering long weekends with Grammaw Lou.
Up on the mountain,
Sipping homemade herbal tea,
Wandering through the woods,
Chasing Bardoes & Whomperstompers through the fog on our midnight walks,
Searching out Witches Butter & Boletus,
Brown salamanders with red bellies & slow smiles,
Marvin Gaye & Julio Iglesias albums,
Playing Scrabble,
Dreaming our way through seed catalogs,
Planning our summer garden.

That was truly "Home"


  1. Beautiful words and a great treasury! What on Earth are whomperstompers?

    1. Whomperstompers & Bardoes are monsters that live up on Wild Mountain where my Grammaw lived. Whomperstompers are large, simple beasts who make as much noise running up the creek-beds as they possibly can. Bardoes are slow & snuffly things that like foggy nights & shadowy forests.
      Both were Grammaw's way of explaining any loud / scary noises to us when we were kids & out on our midnight walks.

      Thanks for asking :)