Friday, March 2, 2012

Thrifted Finds # 8 : Floral Commode

We attended an estate sale way out in the middle of nowhere this past weekend, apparently everyone else gave up because we were the ONLY people there the entire 45 minutes we stayed.  That's a first for me.  It was great to be able to look around & not feel hurried or pushed as I'm a slow grazer when it comes to these things.  I like to take my time & inspect each item.  I picked up some lovely stuff, too.

Like this flowery toilet planter!  Flowery.  Toilet. Planter.  As if I could leave that behind.  It was covered in dusty, greasy shmutz, but I took a chance (for a dime, I'm quite the risk taker) & after a decent soak it came nice & clean.  I'm guessing this little beauty will eventually be filled with geraniums & white trailer park rocks & set next to the front door.

Some old Avon perfume bottles, my customers just LOVE these things.  I only buy the ones I have sold out of or styles that seem a little awesome.  I'm thinking I'll paint the unicorn's horn white & cover it with some vintage iridescent glitter & that bluebird's head needs a coat of paint as well.

The inside of the unicorn was covered in dried out, stuck on dots of ancient cologne.  I tried baking soda & vinegar, goof off, bottle brushes ... what finally worked was boiling water & a good swirl.

That platter they are sitting on is large & lovely.  It's by Paul McCobb, the Sparkler pattern for Contempri.  So springy.  I haven't yet decided if it's a keeper, probably not as I really don't need any more platters.  Ever.

My very favorite find for the week is this little elf book from 1950, The Little Kittens' Nursery Rhymes.  It is filled with these charming photographs of very awkward looking kittens & puppies wearing clothing & posed just so.  Most reenacting the stories from the rhymes.

It is in very poor shape & looks like the animals within tried to eat their way out, but I just love a battered children's book ... I cannot leave them behind to be tossed.  The lady looked at me like I was a complete nutter & told me I could take it.  I disassembled the darling thing & now I have a stack of perfectly frame-able vintage art.

Their little eyes just kill  me.  I remember well, dressing my sister's kitten up in doll clothes & riding her around in my plastic, floral bike basket when I was a youngster.  I'm sure I'll share more when I get them framed & hung.  There are so many & each one is just so precious.

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  1. I was just at your Etsy shop and I like so many of books you have in your shop. Isn't it curious what types of visuals tug at our hearts? My problem is that I end of liking way, way too many things, especially vintage children's books. I've been trying to clean today and I am so looking forward to selling things when the weather is warmer. I also need to get onto Etsy and Ebay and sell some of my collectables, since I have run out of room. Glad the kittens and pups found an appreciative home.

  2. i would love to be able to browse at an estate sale without people pushing and hurrying around me. how nice. sometimes i can't resist avon bottles! i have that owl, and i love that unicorn! that book is awesome too! i have some like it, but more modern, that I bought at the book fair when i was in elementary school. i love those weird clothes that make them stand up!

  3. "As if I could leave that behind." <--- haha! leave that toilet planter BEHIND! love it.

    and. those. poor. kittens. I'm not even a cat person and i feel so bad for them! :S