Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thrifted Finds # 18 :: Sweet Pastel Lovelies

Therapy has been mixing things up in my brain lately, leaving me feeling rather raw & overexposed, but after a brief stint as a loveable yet surly & overemotional hermit I have returned … in time to share some lovely bits with everyone.

My anxiety levels have dropped off enough that I am comfortable going off places alone lately which has been quite a nice change of pace.  I have missed my freedom immensely & hope things keep going this way.  It is difficult to be a very spontaneous & adventurous person & then wake up one morning feeling as if you need a baby sitter to run to the market for groceries.  Irrational fears be damned, life is slowly starting to resemble something to be enjoyed once again.

It’s been another fun filled couple of weeks thrifting & attending estate sales, we even hit a few yard sales just to mix things up & had a semi productive trip to the local “Flea”.  I went to a crazy barn sale (all by myself!) where I saw this awesome Poonicorn sculpture (which did not come home with me, but I was more than a little tempted).

I finally took some pictures for Etsy yesterday (I had to replace the tissue in my homemade light tent as Weasley shredded the old tissue to bits earlier this month) of new & old finds alike.

The cast iron trivets were too corny & kitschy to pass up (at just a dime apiece) & I am especially fond of that vintage fat acceptance one.  Plump wives of the world unite!

I got this little gem at the barn sale.  It wasn't turquoise when I bought it, but I changed that quick enough & it had a little chipped up glass ashtray which I replaced with this amazing little Nasco pot that's engraved with little chevrons all the way around.  A perfect fit!  It is destined for the antique booth (more on that later) I think.

Found more vintage cake decorations ... loads of 'em.  These ones aren't picks though, just little bird candle holders with tiny toes to tuck into the frosting, but just as cute!  I had fun taking pictures of them with some of my old birthday candle collection (odd yes, but the boxes are so sweet I can't say no to them).

These little birds are pretty popular in the Etsy shop, the last batch sold within 2 hours of posting them.  I added a few to my collection & am selling the rest, gotta share the love, vintage cake decorations are just too damn cute to hoard for myself.

I picked up these little Soovia Janis watercolor paintings for a song at our local thrift-that-thinks-it's-an-antique-shop shop.  Unlike the others I've found, these are small, & have boozy subject matter to boot (I am a Bloody Mary girl ... Grey Goose if you please & heavy on the bloody beans).  I think I'll sell them as a set, they were both done by Pati in 1968 & I think they should continue on together.

Just look at those, the tiniest rubber circus animals in the best & brightest bubblegum colors imaginable!  I gasped.  I swooned.  I put them in my basket & thanked the estate sale gods for putting them in my path.  They are in immaculate condition & were still tucked inside their (intolerably dusty) original plastic bag when I found them.

I was minding my own business, having a good time taking pictures of them when all of a sudden there was something lurking in the photo tent that wasn't supposed to be there.  Apparently I am not the only member of our household who is attracted to cute little squeaky toys.

He just sat & watched for a good three minutes before getting down to business...
by reaching out a paw nonchalantly & taking out the wee elephant.
After knocking them all around a bit, it was time to test out the little burro ...
Then he got a little too rowdy  ... so I took the toys away.
Which prompted him to roll around like a sexpot; trying to coax me into returning them.
So now I can feel accomplished about updating this portion of my neglected life & I'm off to update my sadly neglected Etsy shop.  Still trying to get our booth all finished up, but their hours just happen to coincide with Chucky's work hours, so all of the things he's supposed to have done late last month are still not done & I've got nowhere to put my loot!  Ah well, eventually, I'll post some progress pics this weekend.

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