Friday, December 2, 2011

& You In Your Autumn Sweater

One blustery day was all it took to shake the leaves (& a few small persimmons) from my favorite tree on our property.  The dogs & I were out hiking around & there were a million tiny, delicate lawn mushrooms.  The tree outside of my kitchen herb window is just starting to turn; it's always the last, but puts on quite a show.

mushrooms, persimmon leaves & fruit

seed pods & changing leaves

Elvis was quite intent on having the wee mushrooms I picked up
He was convinced they would be delicious

Our little friend Weasel was visiting for the week

Oonah-belle ... my beautiful Plott Hound; hypnotized by the mushrooms as well
Inside the house isn't nearly as lovely as outside; its all clutter & cleaning projects that make me wince ... like my carpet needs a serious cleaning.  Ah, the joy of owning three large dogs & living out in the country without the blessing that would be hard wood floors.  There is too much to do to prepare for the holiday & I haven't got enough hands to juggle it all.

There has been good thrifting lately & a wonderful yard sale I stumbled onto while driving home from grocery shopping yesterday afternoon.  I found some lovely dinner plates & a large stoneware platter for a quarter apiece.

I love all three ... they may end up hanging out for a while
Brown paper packages tied up with strings ...

I ordered some tiny plastic trinkets from High Pie to spruce up my Etsy packages.  Tiny sparrows & roosters of all different colors & some multicolored wee Matryoshkas too.  So sweet!  I like the bit of whimsy they add to my shipments, I hope my customers enjoy them!