Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lemon Crinkle Cookies

Lemon Crinkle Cookies
After just under a year on the Paleo plan, my doctor told me that she believes I have heavy metal poisoning caused by my pescetarian Paleo eating habits.  She has instructed me to add whole grains, beans & legumes back into my diet as protein sources ... basically back to following a mainly vegetarian diet with occasional fish.  For now I'm avoiding fish altogether, until my body gets back to normal.  We had to go shopping as our diet since last may consisted of NO grains, NO sugar, NO processed food.  I had to pick up the basics like brown rice & sprouted breads, black beans, etc.

So, what is one of the first things I did?  I bought some organic whole wheat pastry flour!  I had to bake something, & off to my Sweet Cuppin Cakes Pinterest board I went!  This recipe came across my Pinterest dash last month & it looked right up my alley.  I was correct & they are the perfect cookie for me.  Light, slightly crisp shell, moist & chewy inside ... LEMONY.  Next time I think I'll make an equally lemony filling & sandwich them together & roll the edges in coarse sugar for a super treat.

I had forgotten what an outlet for relaxation & creativity my baking had been for so many years.  If I was stressed or having trouble making a decision or sad or restless or whatever, I would bake.  I could lose myself in a batter or a dough, I wouldn't think about anything but the ingredients & the process.

Last night I lost an hour & a half to baking these & listening to my favorite Camera Obscura album & that's okay with me.  My mind was quiet, I wasn't panicky or waiting for the sky to fall.

It was lovely & when I was finished I got to eat an effing cookie (so, yeah ... I had three)!


  1. You came out of the gates in a great way! These look and sound awesome! I hope that the change in diet helps. I'm sure you can keep your husband's health doing well too if there is a good balance. I'm the same way - baking comforts me. I almost baked last night even though we have half a cake already in the house. I had to stop myself.

  2. yummm! those look so good! i love a lemony baked good.
    my husband has been talking about doing paleo, but since the only meat we eat is fish i've been trying to talk him out of it.

    1. I personally love the way our Paleo lifestyle made me feel, but when the only meat you eat is wild caught fish & our water is so highly polluted I guess it can cause a problem. It's been quite an adjustment for my body though, reverting back to eating grains & legumes, it definitely isn't used to them anymore. I can't eat my favorite steel cut oats or I pass out from carb overload! Make these cookies, if you like lemony you won't be disappointed.