Monday, February 6, 2012

Thrifted Finds # 6 : Spring Fever

 I found a little coffee mug while thrifting this weekend.  By the time I found it I had given up on finding anything worthy of taking home & was just finishing my normal "just in case" loop through the shop.  There were so many people, more than I had ever seen in this shop at one time & it was crowded & uncomfortable.  The few things I had spotted that I kinda liked weren't enough to warrant braving the line of impatient customers waiting for their turn at the single register.
 Then I spotted this on the mug shelf alongside all of the free prescription drug advertisement mugs that seem to plague our thrift shops here.  My heart sang, maybe my trip hadn't been such a bust after all!  It is the sweetest little thing, covered with four little couples, all dolled up for something special.

In between & around them are scattered all of these sweet little doodles; squiggles & hearts & flowers & stars.  All in lovely muted tones of mustard & olive & salmon & teal.  The girls have fancy hair-dos & most of the boys have bow-ties.  It is exactly the sort of thing I look for while thrifting ... unique & a little kitschy with a definite retro vibe.
I don't know much about it, 8014 & JAPAN are the only markings on it ... though upon closer inspection I discovered what appears to be initials (at) near the left side of the girl's gown in the first photo.  No matter ... it's the cat's pajamas.
I found this little ceramic desk organizer also & since that mug had to be mine I braved the line (22 minutes worth plus two screaming babies behind me ... yay) & brought them home.  Until it sells my little picture of Spoofy & Catherine will be displayed in style.  It has a hole in its rump to hold a pen & a hole at the top of its head that used to hold an eraser (the gal at the thrift shop said that some little kid made away with it).

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