Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday I'm In Love

Things that made me fall in love this week ...

1) I had an item make it to the front page on Etsy!  My 1950s yellow Swiss dot fabric was used by Amyswicks in a treasury chosen for FP.  The number of favorites for items & the shop views went absolutely through the roof.  Little victories, but so exciting to me!

2) On Tuesday afternoon I finally got around to sharing Pee Wee's Big Adventure with my 12 year old niece, Madison.  I was 12 in 1985 when it was released & went to see it with my two best friends, Suki & Rue.  We were properly obsessed with anything & everything Pee Wee related after that.  I was so elated to see Mads enjoying it right along with me, I had forgotten just how amazing it was & was touched to get to share it with her.  Her very first observation, "That looks like somewhere you'd live Aunt Poppy."

by MonsterGallery & soon to be hanging in my living room

3)  Artist & ever awesome Natalie Perkins from & has been sharing some amazing artwork lately, much of it related to her campaign against the invalidation of ugly.

4)  Imagine perfume by Lollia.  For Christmas I was gifted a bottle by my sister, she also got me the tall perfumed luminary.  It's an intensely dreamy scent, very light ... slightly floral (Lotus blossom); creamy (rice coconut milk) & well rounded.  It makes me feel very girly; my person & the studio both smell like heaven.  The packaging is just as lovely as the fragrance.

5)  This would be the haircut I am swooning over lately.  I think I may go from my normal level 4 mocha back to my natural level 5 auburn, but finding a cut I like is the hardest part.  I'll keep most of my length, but I love that these layers will let my hair be curly on days when I don't feel like straightening it & those bangs are damn near perfect.

Beth Ditto of Gossip & super awesome fatty fame


  1. i have this pee wee print, i really need to get it framed!

    1. Oh my god, snaaakes! What a fun piece of artwork. There's a shop on Etsy who sells vintage plates with Pee-Wee portrait transfers on them that I am in love with as well, have you seen those? Brilliant!