Thursday, June 7, 2012

Right at Home :: My Boys

I managed to snap some pictures of my boys playing together.  The dogs absolutely adore Weasley (who is getting so big already) to varying degrees.

Oonah-belle will play with him whenever & wherever.  When she was a wee pup my MuShu was a wee kitten & they grew up playing together while I was working two jobs ... she misses him as much as I do & is just loving having a kitty around again.

Elvis will play with him when the girls aren't up for playing & is getting less jealous about a baby-baby being in the house (Elvis is quite spoiled).

Bella will pay attention to Weasley by snapping at him when he attacks her tail & grumbling at him when he tries to snuggle up to her belly on the couch.  She was very badly abused before Chucky got her as a pup & is much more serious than our other dogs, she doesn't like sudden movements & the kitty makes plenty of those.  We think we may have caught her accidentally getting playful once or twice, but never if we are watching.
lounging on the bed together, chewing on one of Elvis's rope bones
they won't look at each other forever & then all of a sudden one of 'em will make a sneak attack
they're just so sweet!
It's hard to get pictures of them together where Weasley isn't hanging from Elvis's ears or gnawing on his feet.  I had to set my camera to continuous sport & hope something came out.  They'll play for hours & when Elvis tires of the razor-sharp kitty teeth, Oonah will take over.  My favorite part is that Weasley purrs loudly the entire time they're playing, it's just the cutest!


  1. oh my gosh! how CUTE! that last picture especially. i'm dying! i wish my kitties and dogs would play together! they just tolerate each other, with an occasional nap on the couch.

    1. It melts me to watch, especially Oonah-belle because she just loved MuShu SO much, he was her best friend & I always felt so sad that I couldn't explain to her when he got sick what was happening & then when he finally went she was forlorn for weeks. Wouldn't play with the other dogs, layed next to the spot where his kitty bed had been (hell I tear up just typing about it)!

  2. Adorable photos, especially the last one. I adore the name Weasley; it's perfect (purrfect?) for an orange kitty :) I think my puppies want me to get them their very own Weasley.