Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Giveaway #1 :: We Have A Winner

& the winner is ...

Lisa!  Congrats m'dear!  I will send you a Facebook message & you can shoot me an address to ship the owls out to.  Serenity thought it was pretty cool that I let her draw the winning name, I promised that next time she'll get to do the same.

We're gearing up for summer vacation at the end of this week.  As of now I have Madison after school every day except for every other Friday, Sequoya every Monday, & Serenity every Friday except for the first one of each month.  Summer vacation means I will have them a bit more often & since I love being an aunt SO much, I am looking forward to it.

I've been saving up crafty projects & recipes on Pinterest for them to try out & making a list of movies to watch with each of them.  Stuart Little with Sequoya, The Borrowers with Serenity, Summer School with Madison.  Now that the pool is all clean & ready to go we'll be swimming a lot I'm sure.

I'm hoping the extra activity will help with my anxiety disorder, trying to get back to where I can work at least part-time outside of the home & supplement my Etsy income so that the fella & I can move down to Chico before the students return for fall semester & take up all of the affordable housing options.

Thanks so much to all of you who participated & followed & tweeted & liked & commented!

... & in kitten news, he has settled right on in.  The dogs are enamored of him (ferocious pitt-bulls indeed) & they each take time out to nibble at him & nuzzle him & Elvis loves to get rowdy & toss him around a bit while the kitten hangs from his ears & bites his lips.

We decided on a name & I keep forgetting to comment on it.  He is called Weasley after one of my favorite ginger haired fictional families (of Harry Potter fame, just in case you've been living under some very large rocks for the past 15 years).  He is very mischievous & a bit clumsy.  The name suits him well.

Here he is sleeping on the couch with Chucky after a long day of chasing crickets (Weasley, not the fella) while Chucky moved into his new room at Victory Tattoo.

Now I've got to get my caboose in gear & take some Thrift Haul photos for the last week.  Too many great finds not to share!


  1. Yay! Thank you thank you! I am so excited! I love your Etsy shop, and am really excited for you with all of your success! Congrats to Chucky on the awesome tattoo gig!

  2. oh that kitten! i love his name. i love the weasleys too. i'm actually planning out a weasley tattoo right now!