Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thrifted Finds # 12 :: Science & Tattoo Flash

I don't know what it is about vintage children's science books, but I find them everywhere & have to buy them.  There is no way I can actually keep every children's book I buy, so I read them to my 5 year old niece, Sequoya, & then they end up in the shop as soon as she's moved on (usually after about two weeks of reading the same book again & again & again...).  They sell well, so I guess it isn't only myself who digs 'em. 

I found 11 of these Let's-Read-And-Find-Out Science Book books at a local thrift recently, all in a neat little stack on the floor next to a run down 1970s Barbie Townhouse that some child had liberally "painted" with multicolored crayon scribbles.  I actually looked around, thinking that someone had set them there for a moment while checking out something else, but there was no one to be seen & so I put the 5 second rule (usually reserved for dropped M&Ms or Wasabi Peas, but useful in Thrifting adventures as well) into effect & snatched them up quick as I could.
Here they are partying with the unblemished pink owl bookend,
(I couldn't take them back ... they are just SO pink & terrified).
Illustration from 1962, My Five Senses ... taste all there is to taste ... THE perfect motto for a fatty like me!
Tiny vintage illustrations give me palpitations, I should've stuck to my childhood dream of becoming a librarian.
 The books are dated from 1960 all the way up to 1976.  All in such pristine condition aside from the name of a teacher, Mrs. Nabors (that has been craftily transformed into the name Mrs. Wabonson) scrawled on the title page of a few of them & there are three with the title pages ripped all the way out, but that doesn't bother me.  I'll keep them around a bit until Sequoya is all learned up on senses, bats, starfish, & salt ... then I'll post what I don't want on Etsy.  Win-win.

I found so much good stuff this week, our local Elks Lodge had their annual fund raising rummage sale & I was a good girl & got there first thing on the first day.  Sadly most of their items were outside & it went from a light sprinkle to a downpour after only 10 minutes.  I rushed through, grabbing my very favorite items before everything was covered with tarps & went back the next day to look again.  There was some great stuff, including a pair of Street King Official Roller Derby skates from the 1960s in their original box (which I failed to photograph somehow).
These fancy cat mugs are amazing, their glaze looks like enamel & they're so pretty!

I got many sets of mid century playing cards, in their original swanky plastic cases.  So fun.

A set of round playing cards with wonderful graphics on both sides.

I don't know how many years Marvin & June had their coffee together, but I won't be splitting them up now!

Mrs. Carver's Tex Kringle Christmas tin ... just my kinda kitsch.

Jars for housing some of my vintage button collection.

Now these are something new in the shop this week. My husband has a thing for ornate vintage frames, especially small ones. He traces an outline of their glass onto his watercolor pad & takes it to the tattoo shop with him. In between tattoos, if he has some down-time, he draws up small pieces of flash to go in them. He's been giving them to family & friends for years; I love it when he comes home with new pieces for me!

He did some up for Mother's Day & I am sticking a few of them on Etsy.  I think they're a swell little gift to give & who doesn't like traditional style tattoo flash?!  Plus a sweet little one of a kind piece of artwork in a wee vintage frame is just wonderful to give or get!  He does them for weddings & baby showers & other occasions as well so we may put some customizable options up in the future also.

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  1. OMG - that pink owl bookend is more perfect that my googly eyed owl bookends.

    Too jealous.

    1. I had a bright yellow set also, I just sold them & sent them off to Canada last week. The pink ones stayed with me because a price tag was stuck to the front & it popped off with a large chunk of the paint as well. I was going to return them, they were wrapped up with their receipt in the car for weeks, but I just couldn't do it! I'll figure out a way to hide the nickel sized white spot on the front of the blemished owl.

  2. The blues and greens in the 'Senses' book!! My heart also needs bestilling...

    1. ;) yep, see ... it's not only me!

  3. Love that wee owl! Super cute!

  4. I love the owl bookend and the tattoo flash art work. Also I don't know if it is just me but the font on your blog is really hard to read. It seems too small and faded

    1. Well thank you & it doesn't look that way on my end, but let me check it out & see if I can do something to remedy that.

    2. Okay, I changed the font ... please let me know if that makes it easier to read :) thanks again!

  5. Love those old jars and what better to store in them than buttons? Also really like the round playing cards. They are cool!

  6. ooo you found some great stuff. i can't resist vintage kids books either. i have three totes full! i need a kid to read them too so i don't feel so crazy.
    i might have brought home the same jar! (the red with the stars). i'm too lazy to go pull it out of my trunk to be sure. but i love that! the honey jar is cool too.
    i LOVE the little tattoo flash pieces! i wish my mom would like something like that. she would just CRY (hahah, she always does when i get a new tattoo). i really love those though, i need one!

  7. Great finds! I really like the jars and the vintage children's books.

  8. Absolutely cute vintage finds!!!

  9. I love the playing cards. If I had any faith that my kids would let them survive, I'd be trying to get my hands on them in a heart beat. So far every card set we've had has been horribly abused but very much loved. It'd break my heart to see such great sets treated that badly. So glad to see these sets have found such a great home to go to.

  10. Old jars are always good - there's always something around to store in them..

  11. Those kitty mugs are too cute!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. loving on your books!! awesome finds!


  13. Thanks for sharing your great items at Cap Creations. The cards are very neat and I love the jars. The little wire handle is great!