Monday, May 14, 2012

Thrifted Finds # 13 :: Spring Cleaning Pickins

First off, I'm having a giveaway & if anyone would like to participate you can find the info H E R E ... c'mon, free vintage stuff!  Who wouldn't want to win?

Thrifting lately has been pretty fruitful.  Lots of sweet & silly kitsch, tons of Mid Century housewares & SO many children's books to make me smile.  I attribute this good luck to the weather; lots of folks spring cleaning equals tons of donations for our local non-profits.

5 of the 7 thrift shops in my little town are non-profits & thankfully we have a charity minded population.  The only one I won't shop at or donate to is the Salvation Army, I don't agree with their politics or how they choose to exclude some members of the population based on their sexual orientation.

Anyhow ... here are a few of my favorites from the past week, some will stay with me, some will make their way into the shop.

An Avon concertina bubble bath bottle in its original box, a mint condition Rubbermaid candy bin, a brown glass Barrel of Beer bottle, an olive green enamel coffee cup with daisies, two tiny Funny Design candle holders, a solitary Trojan horse shaker & a UCTCI accordion playing figurine.
The graphics on this box are great & that little figurine will sit on the shelf next to my mini red vintage Woodstock accordion.

A vintage hound in wonderful houndstooth fabric, a unique milk glass dish with green platonite interior, & a crocheted pot holder.

She was hiding in a frame behind a blank piece of paper, we took the frame apart to paint it & there she was.  It's an 8x10, I just love the scalloped edge of her hat & that dress is perfection.
Surprise, surprise.  A few little 1950s books in near mint condition.  The two in the middle are by the same artist, Anne Sellers Leaf, one of my favorite illustrators & these are two I don't have.

The inside covers of The Bedtime Book make me swoon.
In other news, my husband started work at a new tattoo shop on Friday & it's the best tattoo shop in our area for sure, Victory Tattoo.   Yes, very exciting news that we held on to for a couple of weeks until he had the chance to break it to the owner of the shop he was working at.  He has wanted to work at Victory ever since he moved here & last weekend he went in to drop off a custom tattoo machine for the owner & was offered a position.  He's positively giddy & I am so proud of / happy for him.

He's down at the shop getting his room set up today, I am home watching Fresh Beat Band with Sequoya Rose & after we pick up Maddy from school this afternoon we are going to go swimming.  I've got to get myself down to try on new swim suits now that the pool is ready for the season.

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  1. i love that houndstooth dog! so sweet! and congratulations to your husband!

  2. I am so happy for your husband. I hope we can make an appointment for my husband when we come out. He does not know what he wants but he knows he wants a new one. I am pro-tatoos.

    I love your finds!!! I was out at the yard sales this weekend and I love baking dishes, I found an oval dish with a divider. The dish is circa 1970's, it makes me giddy. And the cost was only 10 cents....I was shocked, perfect condition and no chips for a dime. YIPPY SKIPPY!!!

    Keep up the good work on your super awesome finds, I love them. Have fun treasure hunting.


  3. What a great mix of items you found! love the group shot ;) Thanks for joining us at cap creations. this weeks link up is now live. have a great weekend.

  4. What a wonderful photo! Great finds total too. The dog is too cute, and I love your giveaway owls. I have those!